Stress is one of the greatest enemies of health and wellbeing – learning how to manage stress can transform lives

People become stressed when they are subjected to more pressure than they can comfortably handle. Another way of putting this is to say that people become stressed when they are overloaded. Some of the effects of being stressed are to make people feel uncomfortable, to make them more vulnerable to illness, and to make them less effective in almost every area of life. If the stress goes on long enough people may become ill or burn out.

Stress appears to be ever increasing in our society. The factors which generate stress can vary a lot from one person to another. The important thing is to identify the causes of stress and then develop the understanding and skills needed to reduce or eliminate those causes

There are a range of skills which people can use to manage stress. Stress management helps people to learn to relax, to adopt an approach to life which reduces stress, to become more effective, and to enjoy life more.